It’s All About Keyword

Now, since you already took your steps on article rewriting, I’ll talk about keyword.
What is keyword and why it’s important?

To make it simple and to fit this topic with your current steps, “Keyword” is basically a word or phrase used by searchers on Google or other search engine search box to find the information they need. For example, if you want to find a natural cure for your acne, you will probably use this phrase when doing your search on google, “natural acne cure”. That is the keyword.

Now, there are many things we can talk about this subject alone, however since you guys still on the ‘article step’, let’s just talk about ‘how to use the keyword in our article’.

OK, let’s use ‘natural acne cure’ as our example.

Go to google keyword tool and use that phrase as our main keyword. Hit search and you will get various related keywords. Since it’s just an example let’s just assume we get 4 other keywords related to that main keyword.

Main Keyword: Natural Acne Cure
Related keywords: acne natural remedy, acne home remedy, home remedies for acne, cure acne naturally

Now, how should you use the keywords above on your article?
1. Use the main keyword on your article tittle. Ex: Natural Acne Cure – It’s Possible to Cure Your Acne With Natural Remedies
2. Use the main keyword on the first paragraph, in the middle of the article, and on the last paragraph
3. Use the related keywords and spread them around your article whenever they fit
* There are other factors but for now those 3 factors are enough.

Now, go to your article source (i.e ezine) search and find appropriate article you want to rewrite and start rewriting the article using the outlined tips above. Your article will be good in the terms of SEO. Yes, I’m just talking about the technical factor here. Whether the your article will be good or not in human eyes, it’s your job to practice more and more. Creating article, from scratch or rewriting is a kind of art. While you can follow various tips on this subject, the end results will be solely depend on your own skill. The more you practice the better you will be.

I’ll write (not rewrite) an article using the keyword as an example. Since I am not really familiar or an expert on acne please understand that the article is just for the sake of example purpose. Pay attention on the italic phrases, they are the keywords and/or related keywords. Once again, it’s just for example purpose, you don’t have to use italic on every keyword on your article.

Effective Natural Acne Cure that Works

Acne is a skin problem that affects millions of people around the world for a very long time, even our ancestors also had this problem. These days you can find literally tens or even hundreds of acne solution products available on the market with their claims to be your best acne cure. However, many of those products are: not really effective, cost you a lot, may have unwanted side effects. On the other hand, there are many people around the world that have various great results on removing their acne using natural acne cure that will not cost you a lot of money with almost no side effects that may risk your skin condition.

As I said, acne is a global skin problem and has been around since a very long time ago. At that time, our ancestors didn’t have any access to dermatologist right? Even the word dermatologist itself hasn’t been found at the time, I believe. So our ancestors had to find their own remedies using various ingredients provided by the nature, and after lots of ‘experiments’ they finally found effective acne natural remedies that work. That’s why there are many natural acne solutions can be found in almost every country around the globe. These natural acne cures are using various ingredients that can be found around the society.

…. and so on… sorry I get many other things to do in my hand right now. Hope this simple example can give you an idea how should you compose your article using given keywords. Keep practicing!

Adsense Payment

I took my adsense payment this morning. It’s my September earning. The amount is still quite good, more then 800 usd. However it maybe will be the last ‘big’ amount I’ll get, at least for the next several months. There was a big change in the google algoritm in Oct 14th that affected thousands of sites around the world. And most of my adsense sites are affected as well.

I used to get around $20-40/day before that update, and now I’m struggling to get $5/day. What a shame, but that is the life of a business man. We will have to be able to live with changes as well as failures. That’s also the reason why I keep telling people to master the basic skills first. Without it, it will be harder to face this kind of problems.

I will not focus my efforts to improve my adsense earning, at least for the next few months. I invested a good amount of money these 2 weeks on different business plan, maybe around $1K. It will substitute the adsense earning drop, hopefully. At least until I know how to adapt properly with google new algorithm, I will not focus my time on adsense.

Yep, it hurts to see big earning drop lile that, but it is not a really new experience for me. Life and business is about learning and experiencing new things. And indeed, I learnt a lot from this one.

On the other hand, my other revenue streams are still rolling just like before, so my overall income is not really affected badly. And yes, no matter what and how, I’ll be back stronger.

It’s really hard to type on this tiny screen. Sorry for any mistakes, don’t even bother to check it.

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Basic Skills You Will Need

I post this as a reference, just in case anyone needs it as a remainder, or if someone new wants to start learning about this make money online business. I know, beside my real ‘learning mates’ there are other people who also read this blog once in a while. That’s okay, and even; I hope this blog can give you any benefits so your time spent here is worth it, I hope.

Steps you need to learn and practice.

1. Create a blog on
The purpose of this step is to help you familiar with wordpress environment. WordPress is an ‘engine’ that is used to develop a website. There are many available CMSes that can be used, however wordpress is the only one I use right now. You can search on Google to know more about woprdpress and all of its advantages (or disadvantages), as I will not talk about it here. What I want to say is, if you want to follow my way (not the best way of course, but it works for me) you will use wordpress to build your website(s) in the future, so make yourself familiar with this little creature.

Another purpose of this step is to help you familiarize yourself with ‘sign up process’. You will likely need to do more signups on various sites in the future. While every site has its own signup procedures, you will be able to grasp the ‘concept’ after signing up on Each site is different but not that different. Continue reading

Sleep Problem

I’m still having problem with sleep. I still can only sleep for around 3-4 hours each day. It really annoys me, i want to sleep a lot and for longer time. It really doesn’t feel good to have too little sleep time for a long time. It’s been more then a week I face this sleep problem. And no, no matter what, i’ll never use those damn sleeping pills. I’ll find a way to have a long satisfied sleep. Sport and exercise might help, but I’m not really a sport and exercise guy. Oh well…

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